Who is Zacxon

Zacxon Inc. was founded by Zack Harb who has Electrical Power Engineering background. Zack came up with an idea to prevent water lines from freezing after noticing a gap in the marketplace. He could not find any system which had preventive measures in place to ensure pipes weren’t freezing in colder temperatures. This led to the creation of the Water Pipe Protection System (WPPS) today, after more than 3 years of development. Zacxon Inc. has now created a system unforeseen in the marketplace, one that automatically prevents any type of water pipe damage as a result of pipes freezing, through its patented draining technology. The company intends to launch a consumer ready product by Late Fall 2017/Winter2018.

As residents of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the management team understands what it’s like to face this cold climate for the majority of the year. We aim to permanently change how properties face the issues revolving frozen pipes, and the damages they can cause.



Zacxon Inc. has won several competitions, and received many awards and sources of funding since it’s inception. These include

  • Winning NAIT’s Hatch Competition in both 2015 and 2016
  • Being chosen as the one of the first members of TEC Edmonton’s new Incubation Program
  • Given the opportunity to carry out a pilot project at NAIT, creating the company’s first prototype of the WPPS
  • Winning the Nano Nexus Competition at the University of Alberta in 2016
  • Being one of the finalists in Edmonton’s 2016 TEC Edmonton Venture Prize Business Plan Competition
  • Winning the Doghouse competition at the 2016 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary