Zacxon Inc.

Zacxon Inc. was created to prevent water damage from pipes bursting due to cold temperatures. Over 250,000 properties deal with water pipes freezing and bursting in Canada and the U.S. every year, and over one billion dollars has been spent annually in North America and the UK to cover damages caused by this issue . Individual claim/loss amounts regularly exceed $20,000 as a result of the flooding, molding, and more. In order to solve this issue, Zacxon has developed the Water Pipe Protection System (WPPS).

Our Water Pipe Protection System (WPPS) ensures the safety of a property’s water system by automatically draining the water pipes before the water inside them freezes, expands, and bursts.

Zacxon’s WPPS eases property owner’s worries regarding the safety of their real estate assets. Never worry again about water damages resulting from cold temperatures!

What’s new at Zacxon?

Doghouse Competition

Zacxon Inc. was the winner in the Doghouse Competition at the Global Petroleum Show in 2016.

TEC Edmonton Runner Up

Zacxon Inc. was the runner up for the TEC Edmonton Venture Prize competition in 2016.

NAIT’s Hatch Program

Zacxon Inc. won NAIT’s Hatch Start-Up Program in 2015 and 2016.